We believe a gift tells a story.

And an important part of the story is the people behind the products.

Each item that features in our gift boxes has been carefully selected for its quality and the values upon which its maker has built their business.

It is our privilege to introduce to you (in alphabetical order) these amazing and talented artisans,

who are passionate about what they do and about our beautiful country, New Zealand.




Aroha Chocolate® was founded by husband & wife team Jo Logan & Mike Duke (aka Wobblie), who produce hand-crafted, fine chocolates in the scenic city of Nelson, New Zealand. Their chocolate is made in Belgium by the company Callebaut®, makers of the Finest Belgian chocolate which Aroha then combine with some of the best ingredients sourced locally & from around the world, with no added artificial preservatives. The blend they use in their creations are farmed from some of West Africa’s cocoa farms as part of Callebaut’s Sustainability Program, ensuring cocoa & the farmers that harvest it will be around for future generations. https://arohachocolate.com/




Biohoney is an innovative and small family-owned company based in Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Each Biohoney product is carefully selected by honey expert Terry Bone, a respected innovator of honey products for more than 12 years. “I have long been fascinated with bees and was lucky enough to learn about them from a third generation old-school beekeeper. This master of bees took me under his wing and instilled in me a love and admiration for these incredible creatures.” Terry Bone. Terry and his team value bees and the vital part they play in the ecosystem, treating them with respect like any other animal. Biohoney do not test their products on animals. https://www.biohoneynz.co.nz/




Founded in 2012, Botanical has been created using nature’s best botanical ingredients. Every ingredient used in their formulations has been extensively researched for its function and purpose. All their products are created in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Botanical products are not tested on animals and are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, propylene glycol, silicones and much more. Amy Burke and the team are driven to create natural skincare that everyone can enjoy using every day. Proudly made in Nelson. https://www.botanical.co.nz/




Established in 1990, known first as Helens Confectionery, Chocolate Traders is a New Zealand-based manufacturer and wholesaler of quality handmade chocolates. All their chocolate gifts are handmade in their own factory in Christchurch from the finest materials sourced from local and international suppliers. All chocolate is supplied by Belgian chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut, as are the chocolate pastes used as the base for fillings. Ingredients produced within New Zealand are used wherever possible, including apricots from Central Otago and freeze-dry fruit powders from Fresh As. http://www.chocolatetraders.co.nz/




The idea of Divine Chocolate came from that moment when Jo and Nic Tuffery recognised that chocolate is all about moments, be it relaxing on the sofa with a loved companion lost in a movie, at an occasion with family and friends,or finding a few spare minutes and a warm comfortable spot for that chapter beckoning, chocolate helps make those moments special. Jo and Nic felt there wasn’t a chocolate up to the task of being ‘extraordinary’. So they set about crafting Divine, a beautiful chocolate, for a Divine moment. The Tuffery’s live in the wonderful Nelson region, and they like to think of life as full (but not busy) where they find many ways to create moments and memories that inspire their chocolate craft. https://www.divinechocolate.co.nz/




Flora Organics is a family-run business, based in both Taranaki and Nelson. They are passionate about the power of nature's benefits for skin and general healthcare, harnessing this for people to enjoy while at the same time contributing towards the conservation of NZ native wildlife. Proceeds from their sales go towards the work they do on their 3,600-acre native forest, which is protected as a Kiwi Reserve. Flora Organics products are 100% natural, containing 98 to 100% active plant ingredients. Their products also contain a high percentage of ingredients from organic farming (farming without the use of artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides). Everything is handmade in New Zealand, using only the very best ingredients they can find and always from organic farming where possible. https://www.floraorganics.nz/




Hogarth Craft Chocolate is born out of a passion for chocolate, craftsmanship and art. The highest quality cacao beans are sourced from around the world to create small batches of chocolate using traditional techniques. The Hogarth Craft Chocolate factory is located in Nelson, New Zealand where Karl and Marina and their team sort, roast, crush and classify, winnow, grind and conche, age, melt, temper, mold, and wrap all by hand. Their process uses minimal ingredients and is focused on preserving the natural flavours within the cacao to create a chocolate with a true cacao flavour, a flavour lost in industrialised processing. https://www.hogarthchocolate.co.nz/




Jeymar Soap & Body is a family-owned-and-operated business set up in early 1998 by Jenny Somerville & Richard Peterson and run from their five-acre home property in the Wairau Valley. They are a versatile, innovative and flexible company, small enough to be friendly and personal. In their range of quality handcrafted soap and body products, they use many organic ingredients, and have a policy to source locally wherever possible. Their products contain no parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or colours, and do not contain any animal ingredients, nor are they tested in any way on animals.  https://jeymarsoap.nz/




Located in the Moutere Hills, Kakariki Olives, owned by Brenda and Ray Gregory, is a family-run olive grove that thrives in the warm, sunny climate & clay soils. Pressed on site within hours of harvesting, the Tuscan varietals Frantoio and Leccino have been carefully blended to produce a premium extra virgin olive oil. Kakariki Olives are proud to be one of the only commercial olive groves in the Nelson region. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for everyday cooking as well as for a dip for fresh bread, drizzled over vegetables, pasta and salads. https://www.facebook.com/pg/kakarikiolives/




Gayle Petch of Nelson, New Zealand, started L’aroma in 2016. After making soy candles and experimenting with beautiful fragrances, including mixing her own blends, Gayle realised she could fill a niche for Kiwiana fragrances that reflected New Zealand, fragrances that would evoke memories of the great NZ outdoors and special moments spent on beaches, tramping in the bush,  of the berries grown on our plains and of the native flora. The basis of Gayle’s candles is soy wax, a by-product of the soy industry. It is much harder to work with than the more commonly used paraffin wax but it holds the fragrances so much better and burns beautifully. She is a “fragrance-aholic” and one of Gayle’s favourite parts of being a candle maker is experimenting with different combinations of scent.   https://www.laromanz.co.nz/




Linden Leaves was founded by Brigit Blair in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand to help care for two of her children who suffered severe eczema and allergies. Brigit began harvesting and freeze-drying roses, and blending fruit and flower oils with the unique scent of essential oil blends. From a humble family kitchen operation, Linden Leaves has expanded into an internationally recognised brand known for its natural everyday luxury handmade products. Devoted to effective, natural products created from the best quality ingredients, Brigit’s vision for Linden Leaves has always been focused on beautiful, effective and gentle products to nourish the skin and soothe the soul. Linden Leaves supports ethical and sustainable business practices, and as a devoted mother and wife, family holds an essential place in Brigit’s life and values. With pure natural ingredients and exacting attention to detail, Linden Leaves combines nature and science to create beautiful, effective products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul. https://lindenleaves.com/



The Little Cookie Co. offers beautiful and delicious custom-iced and fondant-stamped cookies, as well as a selection of cake toppers perfect for any special occasion. Made with the highest quality ingredients in Nelson, New Zealand, founder Neave Osborne is incredibly talented and passionate about what she does. https://www.facebook.com/thelittlecookieco/




Millie Moo Candles started in December 2016 while Samantha Dreyton was on maternity leave with their daughter Millie (nickname: Millie Moo). She wanted to do something from home, and since making candles was what she loved and enjoyed doing, she thought that it would make an amazing small business.  During the first year of business, Millie Moo Candles took off! Towards the end of 2017 Samantha’s mum, Michelle Robinson, bought into the small Nelson-based business so that they could do it together. As well as make gorgeous candles, they support a very worthy cause by donating $1 from every product sold to Arthritis New Zealand. They chose Arthritis New Zealand because Millie was diagnosed with Arthritis at the age of 13 months, so this is something very close to their hearts.  https://www.milliemoocandles.com/




Mountain Valley Honey (MVH) was founded many years ago in the foothills of the Mt Arthur Range. Nelson-based couple, Murray and Nicky Elwood, took took over MVH in 2007 and have since developed the brand to incorporate all they love about bees and honey. Working in remote locations across the top of the South Island means being away from pesticides and the “busy-ness” of towns, allowing plenty of natural foraging for the bees. Murray and the beekeeping team work hard so their bees are in the best environment they can be and are well looked after, ensuring they can happily produce good quality honey. Once the honey arrives at home base, it is processed as naturally as possible using MVH’s own extraction facility. No over processing, no creaming, nothing added, and nothing taken away.The result is a rich, golden honey that retains its original goodness and flavour. https://www.mountainvalleyhoney.co.nz




Nelson Naturally is New Zealand's premier producer of gourmet condiments to satisfy every palate. Their philosophy is to make small batches to guarantee the condiments arrive fresh at your table. Ensuring quality, only the best ingredients are used to create their gourmet food products. As an experimental kitchen, they are constantly creating and inventing brand new, never-before seen products. Located in Vanguard Street in Nelson, they are the go-to for great tasting mustards, chilli products, dressings, sauces, relishes, chutneys, marinades, infused NZ extra virgin olive oils, dukkah, spice blends, infused salts...and so much more! All products are free from any artificial preservatives or additives. http://nelson-naturally.co.nz/



Nyama - Tanya & Kyle.jpg

Tanya and Kyle Whitehead have been making biltong for many years. Originally from Zimbabwe and South Africa, they settled in New Zealand after travelling the world. Founded in 2016, Nyama, meaning meat in Swahili, can be found nestled under the green, cow-dotted hills of Stoke in sunny Nelson. They have taken biltong to a new level, focusing on hand crafted small batch production which is big in flavour, using ingredients such as Canterbury Angus, Red Wine, Brandy, Whisky, Fresh Limes and no funny stuff. Tanya and Kyle make their biltong fresh each week, guaranteeing it to be the BEST tramping, cycling, camping or gym snack! https://nyama.co.nz/




Founded in 2014 and after five years of pushing boundaries, innovating and persistence, Don Grant launched the first Penati cracker in 2018. Don’s idea of the Penati cracker came about as a result of wanting to feel great so he started on a started a low carb, healthy fat lifestyle. When he couldn’t find a replacement for the sugar and carb laden biscuits and crackers available, he started experimenting in his own kitchen.  Based in Riwaka in the sunny Nelson region, Penati is now producing this amazing cracker with the same whole food ingredients as if it were made at home - healthy, natural and honestly delicious. https://penati.nz/



Plant and Share - Sharyn Ogg.png

Founder of Plant and Share, Sharyn Ogg completed an Herbal Apprenticeship course under the supervision of Valmai Becker from Phytofarm and as a formally trained Landscape Architect (BLA Hons), she has been working with plants since 1998. Based in Pigeon Valley, Nelson, Sharyn explains that Plant & Share is about encouraging the growing of medicinal and edible plants and sharing the abundance they provide. She produces small batches of hand-crafted skincare oils, creams, healing balms and salves, sleeping aids, baby and mother care and body care. All are 100% natural plant based ingredients, using all natural colouring and therapeutic grade essential oils and all are hand-crafted in Nelson. https://www.plantandshare.co.nz/



Pomeroys Tea Sweet Sunday.jpg

Founded in 1989, Pomeroy’s Coffee and Tea Company’s Nelson city store is bursting at the seams with artisan culinary treats, crockery and all sorts of coffee and tea paraphernalia. Pomeroy’s has always envisioned providing not only the highest quality single origin coffees but also the finest teas, with one of the widest arrays of tea selections in New Zealand. In the last few years, Pomeroys has gained a relationship with one of the oldest tea farms in Sri Lanka, their knowledge and passion for their traditions and processes allows them to bring to New Zealand world class teas. Pomeroys also have their own premium drinking chocolate which is 100% natural, gluten free and dairy free. This decadent chocolate powder features a 33% blend of premium quality West African cocoas.  https://www.pomeroys.co.nz/




Founded in 2007, current owners of Proper Crisps Ned and Mina work with a dedicated team of potato professionals to cultivate Proper Crisps from seed to success. With no artificial flavourings or preservatives in their Proper Crisps, their aim is simple - to make the best crisps in New Zealand using only the finest natural ingredients. Made by hand in sunny Nelson, New Zealand, using only the finest South Island potatoes with nothing more than pure cholesterol-free sunflower oil and Marlborough Sea Salt, Proper Crisps really are Sunshine in a bag! http://www.propercrisps.co.nz/welcome




Purple Kiwi is a small family-run business based in tranquil Stanley Brook on the Motueka Valley Highway, Nelson. Julia Inwood and her team make their soap  in small batches with the milk from their small herd of milking nannies, using only the best ingredients to keep the soaps totally natural and skin friendly. Goat milk is a natural moisturiser containing vitamins A, C and E, and has natural anti-microbial properties that helps with skin inflammation. Purple Kiwi soaps do not contain other harmful ingredients like preservatives or sodium lauryl sulphate. What their soaps DO contain is saponified vegetable oils, goat milk, essential oils, and some of the coloured soaps contain mineral mica or clay. None of their products are tested on animals. https://www.purplekiwisoap.co.nz/




Based in Nelson since 2011, Stephen Robertson’s gallery has a variety of his pottery pieces on show, displaying his signature craze-pattern glazed pottery. These include mugs, bowls, dinner sets, jugs, vases and hand basins. Stephen has been working with clay for close to thirty years and is a master at his craft. He also worked at McGlashen Pottery in Brightwater before starting his own business in 2003. If you don’t see Stephen at his potters wheel located right behind the gallery area, he’s probably glazing out the back or preparing an order of ceramic materials, equipment or tools for another artisan.  https://www.stephenrobertson.co.nz




Family-owned and operated by Patrizia Leonard since 2008, Thornalley's Classic Foods is a Nelson-based business specializing in producing high quality, handmade food products from their commercial kitchen. Their signature product "Thornalley's Classic Fruitcake" is a family recipe handed down through the generations. In 2011, a new range of biscuits - Patrizia’s Biscuits -  was developed to complement the Fruitcake business. By hand baking every cake and biscuit, Patrizia knows that each delicious item is cooked to perfection.  http://thornalleys.co.nz/




Founded in 2008, Tuatara Coffee is a boutique roastery in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island. Tuatara Coffee is an organic, fair-traded, hand-roasted coffee with a cause. By buying this premium quality coffee, we are all making a contribution to tuatara wellbeing in New Zealand. Tuatara Coffee donate a percentage of their sales turnover to tuatara conservation projects. The Tuatara is a living dinosaur found only in New Zealand. By choosing D’Luxe’s Creme de la Coffee, you are definitely giving the “gift that keeps on giving”. http://tuataracoffee.co.nz/




Craftsman, Nigel Heath, is owner of Wood U Like, a woodworking business based in sunny Nelson at the top of the South Island, New Zealand. He specializes in handmade wooden kitchenware and gift ware using beautiful New Zealand native timbers and exotic timbers grown in New Zealand. http://www.woodulike.co.nz/




Tasman Bay Food Group are a niche company founded in 1984 in the Nelson-Tasman region, manufacturing a range of products under their own brands. Zesti is Tasman Bay Food Group’s own brand of bakery goodies that are available in selected supermarkets, specialty stores and gift shops. At Zesti, they make little local goodies – and they make them right. Inspired by their home in sunny Nelson Tasman, their name reflects their zesty flavours and the energy they put into ensuring their bakery goodies are tasty, wholesome and oh-so-good. http://www.tasmanbay.co.nz/home/zesti